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Afmb Fantasy Announcement

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I gave him his only loss of the season lol... so this is what South Carolina feels like Congrats @Team UGA! 

Appreciate you guys letting me play this yr, we will have to run it back next yr.

I had an uncharacteristically poor season this go around. Ever since I started playing fantasy I have typically been in the playoffs. I can only think of maybe 2 other times before this year that I di

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Okay everyone.. i copied the league.. so everyone who was in it last year is in it this year.  Please log on and verify you can see your team.  the scoring system should have copied over and it will be the same as last year.  they have updated their site and it's right now in beta, but it should work fine.  i had a few weird things, but overall it's been fine.  so the college sports league on fantrax is ready.  i will schedule a draft probably next weekend if we can get enough guys to have logged in.. i will give you a heads up in the middle week.  

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