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Afmb Fantasy Announcement

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I gave him his only loss of the season lol... so this is what South Carolina feels like Congrats @Team UGA! 

Appreciate you guys letting me play this yr, we will have to run it back next yr.

I had an uncharacteristically poor season this go around. Ever since I started playing fantasy I have typically been in the playoffs. I can only think of maybe 2 other times before this year that I di

okay everyone who played last year in the college league check your emails.. i sent out the invites.. it's on a new site called fantrax.com check your spam folders if you don't see an email.

Can you resend mine? I cleaned up my email before I read this. sad.png

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we are talking college now.. okay the league setup is freaking done.. OMG the number of options and settings was mind boggling. anyways draft is 8pm on the 25th. i am having the site do a random draft order which we won't know til the draft. 17 players total (6 on the bench, 11 starters).. in order to get the scoring done i had to add a Individual defensive player. sorry about that, but i tried doing the scoring individually and it was too much and i used one of their scoring settings. please check the league scoring details. if you have any questions please put them here..

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I was looking at the league rules and it says:

  • Your league stats end accumulating on: Mon Nov 25, 2013

  • Playoffs will begin in this Scoring Period: 12 (Nov 12/13 - Nov 18/13) and last for 2 periods (rounds).
  • Playoff matchups entered manually: No
  • Number of teams qualifying for playoffs 3

It looks like our championship game would be in week 13, but isn't this a 14 week season? I know UGA plays GT in week 14 (Sat Nov 30).

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