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Favorite 2016 Presidential Candidates?

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And a middle of the road republican is never going to out crazy the far right nut bags who yell more loudly than any one else and distract the voters from the real issues.

You're probably right, which is why the GOP is bogged down in such a stagnant puddle of ****. I'll still vote, but I think that 2016 is practically over already.


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So is it Biden vs Hillary (again) in the 2016 Dem primaries?

I don't think Hillary or Biden win. This early, whoever you think is the front runner is not the front runner close to election time.

That means it's probably NOT going to be Hillary, Biden, Rubio, or Christie.

I had high hopes for Rubio, but he turned out to be just another Rino, principal compromising disappointment.....whatever happened to Bobby Jindal, he was the biggest thing in the GOP, then gave a ****** speech and I've barely heard anything from him since?

Bottom line is no one is blowing the GOP base's skirt up at the moment, and I don't know of anyone coming down the pipeline who will.

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Republicans screw up with trying to hard to counter attack, or go with the flow. The way to win is to be conservative without caricature. You want someone who doesn't play at all, yet has the charisma, without being smarmy. Make sure its someoe without a racist, sexist, or misogynistic past. Make sure he won't try and make up numbers and false facts to try and counter the democrat.

In short, find someone who will not resort to futile nastiness and just has some good ideas and the GOP will win. I doubt America votes another democrat unless Hilary ekes in without a formidable opponent.

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I assume the republicans will put forth a bat **** crazy person that can't win the general election. None will fix what's been broken in the system...

Stop tax cutting... It doesn't work... wages have stagnated and only the rich are benefitting. Stop allowing food manufacturers to feed us garbage. Stop the war on drugs, buy American, punish parents for not helping their kids.

I don't know I'm just pissed!

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I don't want prayer to R'hllor in our public schools. sleep.png

"A sacrifice will prove our faith still burns true, Sire," Clayton Suggs had told the king. And Godry the Giantslayer said, "The old gods of the north have sent this storm upon us. Only R'hllor can end it. We must give him an unbeliever."

"Half my army is made up of unbelievers," Stannis had replied. "I will have no burnings. Pray harder."

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