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Aint No Mo Play In Ga!

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An open letter to the tried and true Real Dirty Bird Fans,

Hootie Hooooo!!! I know that we exist, so why is it that this city is not draped in red and black from August til February. I have been a season ticket holder for more years than I have fingers and toes. I get so upset when I go to a local watering hole to watch an away game and I see everything but representation for my beloved birds. Now granted I know some time ago Taco Mac was dubbed the Falcons Sportsbar by somebody (don’t know who) but I think we can do better. While I love them they too have a huge following of the “others” (all other teams except my birds). So many Cowboys, Steelers and Giants fans. Ay yi yi It turns my stomach just to think about it. They also don’t offer any specials… on anything… ever. Where is everyone hanging out that has easy access? I think it’s time to claim a new Falcons Sports Bar in the glorious ATL. As the great Arsenio Hall would say, “Let’s get busy”!

Oooooh Rise Up!!!

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