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Pepperidge Farm remembers. He's a gif of Kate Upton's knockers and a video of Stairway to Heaven. You're welcome.

But seriously though, I've been grooming my niece to take over this account. She's a bit troubled, so please be nice to her.

All the above

Well, I can't speak for anyone else but she's not better looking than my girl. (No pics). A larger bust line but that's about it. Honestly, past her breasts shes' kind of got an interesting shape.

I don't want to make it seem like I'm bashing b/c she's attractive. I just think there are a ton of women in that industry and in Hollywood that are much better looking. Not sure why everyone is acting like she broke the mold.

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well why don't you go log in then?


Ok, I took break from the boards here. I was last on here about 2010, under a different user name, and I remember snake and I used to debate with the poster pencilpusher alot, who I have not seen on here since my return. So, I get snake is diesel now, but I have seen a couple references to acworth being diesel. I am assuming this is joke, because they are direct opposites, or is this the very intention of an alt, which is a new term since I was here last. I also might have read pencilpusher was acworth or someone else. I would like this cleared up, because I do like the thought of being the only one not in on the joke. cool.png

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