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Cam “Mr. Mopeyhead” Newton Offseason Of Self-Awareness


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Cam Newton understands now that all eyes are on him, always.

Whether he’s sitting on the bench during a Panthers game with a towel on his head, or high-fiving high school players at his football camp, he knows that people are watching.

And that self-awareness has caused him to work on things this offseason, as it pertains to football and leadership.

I think this offseason has been key in my growth, going back and looking at things that I’ve done on the field and off the field,” Newton said, via Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer. “Whether I’m watching film or just watching things that I can become a better person at, I’m trying to polish things up to make me a better person and better player.”

That includes his own body language, as those around him have pointed out. Head coach Ron Rivera referred to him as “Mr. Mopeyhead” last year after a loss, and Newton understands why.

“Body language is everything,” he said. “I could be having a conversation with you guys and have my face down and not make eye contact and everything’s OK. But the way it looks may come off a different way. And I understand that.

“That’s one thing I’ve tried to focus on, but at the same time it’s a work in progress.”

Newton also said “there’s a lot of youth that has to be flushed out” of his game, but so far he’s been as criticized for his demeanor as anything he’s done on the field.

“It’s all something I want to hone in on and become better at,” Newton said. “It’s something I’ve observed and said, ‘Hey, I’m not the best at that, let me work on that.’ ”

Realizing that on his own, and working to change it, might be one of the best signs for the Panthers’ chances this season.

If Cam knows all eyes are on him now? Who where all eyes on the last 2 year?

HaHA the towel always gets honorary mentioned.

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Lets all give danight a big round of applause for discovering the bolded text option for the first time while simultaneously butchering the English language.

That's my quarterback.

Sentences so confusing

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they should call me Jason.

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Well aside from the fact that this was one little snippet from a larger article that makes it look worse than what it really is, I'm not sure what your point is. Let's criticize a guy for trying to make changes that all his critics have demanded that he make since that infamous Giants game? Make up your minds.

He's only been in the league 2 years, and just turned 24... of course he's still figuring stuff out. HeII, Michael Vick apparently just learned how to carry a football correctly. Why didn't the Falcons ever teach him that when he was your QB?

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I think with the right coaching around him he could develop into the leader his team needs. All it takes to be a leader is for the players around him to believe that he has what it takes. Positive feedback from his coaches and peers can only help his cause. Not sure if he will ever gain the respect that he'll need, but I think he has just as good of a shot as anyone. I think it totally depends on the relationships he can develop with his peers.

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