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Never Too Early...call The First Play, Formation, And How Many Yards We Get...

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I totally remember that. My best friend is a die hard Eagles freak. I was sitting with him trying not to laugh. He practically guaranteed a Super Bowl that season. He soon learned what the Michael Vick experience was really about.

I really think if he we did that and he ran in a long TD run on the very first play the Saints fans would have a collective stroke. lol

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Off LT for 3-4 yards.

The O line will need a lot of reps in the preseason due to the nassive

overhaul to the line.

The L-OT run is a higer percentage and we simply start with a high percentage play.

The other sceanario would be for Smitty to start the line off with adversity, but that

would be a bit foolish this early because it will be ugkly enough as it is, even with

Konz Reynolds Holmes playing the first quater.

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