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Bengals In Atlanta


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I really like the invitations of other teams to be our guest at Flowery Branch.

Being that we have the best facility in the NFL, I am

sure that the visiting team enjoys it too, once they arrive.

Personally I think that this is a very good thing for our team to do,

and I am wondering how everybody on TATF feels about it?

Do you look forward to the opprotunity to meet

the Bengals Players and Coaches, and collect some

additional autographs for your Sports collection?

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Love it. Especially the fact that it's the Bengals. They have a nice young, up and coming team on both sides of the ball that will provide legitimate competition to our squads during practice. You really can't go wrong with this idea.

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Could have just invited a Prison squad over. What is the difference?

Kidding of course. I like the idea, and I like the Bengals for this upcoming season. I think they take the division if Dalton improves a bit more. I don't think he will ever be elite, but can be good enough with the talent they got. If they had a better QB, they could be really good.

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I cant help but wonder how many other teams in the NFL are doing this?

Almost all of them. Bill Belicheck and the Pats are doing one with the Eagles. The guy is a genius. He will see first hand what Chip Kelly is bringing to the NFL. Chip supposedly has a high octane practice and BB will see if he can implement any of these "new ideas" into his own team.

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