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Faces Behind The New Stadium


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I went to a B2B event for work last week and there was a panel of the new stadium developers. The two guys on the left are the main contractors, third from the left is the PM from 360 Architecture, the woman in the middle is the head of The Arthur Blank Foundation, the guy next to her is the Falcons CFO (Greg Beadles) and the guy on the right is a lead PM. Sorry I don't have all the company and individual names handy at the moment. Not much info on details, they were mainly talking about small business contracting opportunities. Just figured some of tou might be interested in the faces behind our new stadium! They reiterated some of the things TD said at the SOTF event, like flash cards with 'what if's'. One of them was, "what if a holographic image of players greeted fans on the way in?". That would be tits!

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