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Pat Kirwan's 2012 Nfl Season Final Exam

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Answers at bottom

The final exam

1. The Patriots led the NFL in margin of victory last year, winning their 12 games by an average of 19.75 points a win. Which team, with at least 10 wins, was second in per-win victory margin?

A. San Francisco 49ers

B. Seattle Seahawks

C. Denver Broncos

D. Houston Texans

2. Which team scored the most non-offensive touchdowns last year, using a combination of kick/punt returns, interceptions, fumble recoveries and blocked kicks/punts?

A. Chicago Bears

B. Denver Broncos

C. Tennessee Titans

D. New England Patriots

3. Which team averaged the fewest points in the league last year with an average of 13.2 points a game?

A. Kansas City Chiefs

B. Arizona Cardinals

C. Jacksonville Jaguars

D. Philadelphia Eagles

4. Which defense gave up the fewest points last year?

A. Chicago Bears

B. San Francisco 49ers

C. Seattle Seahawks

D. Pittsburgh Steelers

5. Which defense tied the Broncos with a league-high 52 sacks?

A. Cincinnati Bengals

B. Green Bay Packers

C. Houston Texans

D. St. Louis Rams

6. Which team's defense had the most interceptions?

A. Chicago Bears

B. New England Patriots

C. Arizona Cardinals

D. New York Giants

7. Which defense tied Kansas City for the fewest interceptions?

A. Philadelphia Eagles

B. Minnesota Vikings

C. Dallas Cowboys

D. Pittsburgh Steelers

8. Which player rushed for the most touchdowns?

A. Adrian Peterson

B. Alfred Morris

C. Arian Foster

D. Marshawn Lynch

9. Which QB threw the most touchdown passes?

A. Peyton Manning

B. Tom Brady

C. Aaron Rodgers

D. Drew Brees

10. Which defensive tackle had the most sacks last year? (JJ Watt is considered a DE)

A. Ndamukong Suh

B. Geno Atkins

C. Henry Melton

D. Gerald McCoy

11. JJ Watt led the league with 44.5 knock downs. Who was second with 35.5?

A. Cameron Wake

B. Aldon Smith

C. Jared Allen

D. Ndamukong Suh

12. Which QB lost the most fumbles?

A. Philip Rivers

B. Matt Cassel

C. Mark Sanchez

D. Michael Vick

13. Only two starting QBs did not lose a fumble last year, Tom Brady and …

A. Matt Schaub

B. Drew Brees

C. Sam Bradford

D. Peyton Manning

14. Who was the most-sacked QB last year?

A. Philip Rivers

B. Aaron Rodgers

C. Andrew Luck

D. Ben Roethlisberger

15. Which defensive player led the NFL in interceptions with 9?

A. Richard Sherman

B. Stevie Brown

C. Patrick Peterson

D. Tim Jennings

16. Who got called for the most holding penalties last year?

A. Willie Colon

B. Will Beatty

C. Doug Free

D. Jake Long

17. Which team owned the league's lone undefeated (8-0) home record?

A. Indianapolis Colts

B. Denver Broncos

C. New England Patriots

D. Seattle Seahawks

18. Which team had the fewest penalties (69) called against it last year?

A. Atlanta Falcons

B. New York Giants

C. Baltimore Ravens

D. San Francisco 49ers

19. Which kicker made the most field goals last year and was also 10 of 10 from 50-plus yards?

A. Sebastian Janikowski

B. Blair Walsh

C. Matt Bryant

D. Greg Zeurlein

20. Bill Belichick leads active coaches with 187 wins and Mike Shanahan is second (167). Who is third?

A. Andy Reid

B. Jeff Fisher

C. Tom Coughlin

D. John Fox

Answer Key: 1. B (Seattle Seahawks, 17.36-point margin), 2. A (Chicago Bears, 10 TDs), 3. A (Kansas City Chiefs, 13.2), 4. C (Seattle, 14.3), 5. D (St. Louis, 52), 6. A (Chicago Bears, 24), 7. C (Dallas, 7), 8. C (Arian Foster, 15) 9. D (Drew Brees, 43) 10. B (Geno Atkins, 12.5), 11. A (Cameron Wake, 35.5), 12. C (Mark Sanchez, 8), 13. A (Matt Schaub), 14. B (Aaron Rodgers, 51) 15. D (Tim Jennings, 9) 16. A (Willie Colon, 9), 17. D (Seattle Seahawks), 18. A (Atlanta Falcons, 69), 19. B (Blair Walsh), 20. C (Tom Coughlin, 151)
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