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Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff recently hinted that bringing back free agent DE John Abraham is extremely unlikely.

The Falcons cut Abraham and his $4.25 million base salary in March. They proceeded to replace him with Osi Umenyiora on a two-year, $8.5 million deal. The 35-year-old Abraham is still on the open market, but it's unclear if he's willing to accept a reduced role for limited pay on the team that shunned him. Before the Falcons make any veteran additions, they need to get Matt Ryan's contract extension done.

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Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution Jun 25 - 9:20 AM

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I would love to see Abe ... Back maybe the falcon nation can start a twitter rant to get him to come back .... It may help TD for cutting him ....

Not sure if this is sarcasm but Abe has already asked repeatedly that Falcon fans stop tweeting for him to come back. He's been being harassed for months now and it ain't cool at all.

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I don't see any Dimitroff quotes there.

I don't expect him to be back, but I'm just saying I'm not getting anything from them merely mentioning his name. TD is a poker player, but he's not really a guy to say one thing and do the exact opposite as well. If there's a window he'll make a statement that lets you know there is one even if it is unlikely.

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