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New Julio Jones Mcfarlane Action Figure In November

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The Air Tran Plane that was painted for the Falcons.

There was a model of it, but was pricey then and still is today.


I actually have one. It was given to the top executives of the company. I sold the director of Air Trans finance a car and he gave it to me as a gift. I want to assemble it abd have the key players sign it. It's still in the box.
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I have the Ryan limited edition one on my wall (I didn't see the limited edition tag until after I opened it), and will add the Julio figure when it comes out in in November. Reminds me of the old school Topps action figures from back in the day. I still have my Deion and Metcalf ones somewhere around here.

Won't fess up to having the Jeff George Starting Lineup? lol


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These figures are all pretty cool! I keep them on my desk at work. I preordered the Julio one the day they announced it. Unfortunately the Falcons don't get much love from McFarlane. There are 3 Vicks, 1 Sanders, 1 Farve, 1 Turner and 2 Ryans. I have them all except for the Vick ones...

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