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Mid Offseason Power Rankings

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3. Atlanta Falcons


Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons are, easily, one of the most talented teams in football. Really, it isn't even in question.

With a talented quarterback inMatt Ryan, a terrific receiving corps in Julio Jones and Roddy White and the return of Tony Gonzalez, this team was ready to remain at the top of the NFC.

By eliminating their Achilles heel with the addition of running back Steven Jackson, the Falcons didn't just improve—they scared the daylights out of every defensive coordinator on their schedule.

That said, the Falcons are not No. 1 on this list because they still have questions against the best teams in the league. They have not "been there," as it were, and though it sounds cliche, no one outside of Atlanta is betting on a team that has wilted under fire in the past.

The talent is there. It's long past time for the Falcons to finally prove every single one of their doubters wrong.

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OK cool. Nice to see some respect..BR is not my fav. source. and IDK whats so "mid" offseason about it. They are talking about stuff that occured when FA hit. Would be more "mid" if they talked more about development of rookies, and 2nd and 3rd year players stepping up in there new roles.

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I couldn't care less about power rankings, which are typically stupid in concept. But to knock us because we "haven't been there" doesn't make sense. They rank the Niners and Broncos above us and the Niners missed the playoffs for a decade before last season and the Broncos "haven't been there" since the '90s. Sounds like the writer couldn't objectify his reasoning so he went for the low hanging fruit of subjectivity. Whatever.

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We get put down because we've not "been there", so I assume Denver and SF are getting credit because they were "there" 15+ years ago.

As for us having question against the best teams, you can say that about everyone. Even teams that have got hot in recent post seasons and won titles have multiple seasons where they either couldn't make the playoffs or went one and done. Winning in he playoffs is very tough. Why do we get ripped for losing in the post season, when everyone else gets a free pass?

If they want to take the "no respect unless we win a SB" line then that's fine, but hold everyone else to the same standard. Don't knock us for not having a SB success, but then go telling vey one how great the Seahawks, 9ers and Broncos are (and no, SF and Denver don't get any benefit for SB's won in the last century).

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