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And Arden Key Chose Uscjr Because. . . .


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More valid reason than some kids. I don't really knock it. His choice.

I don't particularly blame him, but it is shocking that he chose to slap the school in the face and basically call them out for pushing athletes through the academic side. I know most schools do it but it is still shocking to see that lol

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The no child left behind act is going to kill american schools. it is now being pushed into all universities to get their graduation rates up. the institutions are now bringing the curriculum down to meet the kids. it is not just athletes but all students. teachers now have to document every move they make and how they give information to the students to protect them against getting the bad grades questioned by the students and department heads.

i saw a cartoon not long ago that showed a student in the 50s getting a bad grade. the caption read "what did the student do wrong?" next to it was another picture of a kid getting a bad grade in 2013. the parents and principal were yelling at the teacher "what did you do wrong?"

the dumbing down of our schools to get more kids graduated is only going to get worse.

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