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Kidney Stone Question

Guest fibonacci

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Guest fibonacci

Today at 1:00 I had a pain coming in on my left side. Before I knew it I was crawling on all fours and yelling, screaming griping. I started to throw up from the pain and felt like steam was coming off of my ears; like Lebron laid the smackdown on me. So I went to the doctor within 20 minutes.

Anyhow they gave me drugs; tremadol, and it do anything. They finally gave me something else that took the edge off enough to where I could stay put in one area. The doctors were the best in the world. So I have stonesssss. as of right now I will not need surgery :D

My wife and I cannot have kids. But if we could, I would not do it. that was the worst pain in my life. I have had a brain tumor and a few other things....... and that pain is horrible.

So does anyone have any ideas what really cause it? Because I want to try to make sure I never have that again. and I'm still in some deep pain, but not as bad. I can tolerate this.

thanks for any advice. and Sorry this is not football talk:P

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Guest fibonacci

I passed one a few years back that was the size of a fruity pebble. I spent hours banging on my bathroom floor, it was excruciating. The only pain I've ever experienced that was worse was last summer actually when I was bitten by a wheel bug. I know how it feels man!

It's horrible. My wife went to go get me the percaset, and I'm hoping she returns soon.

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and if its as bad pain as I have had with them the pain meds aren't gonna do a **** thing unless ya take like triple the dose and then get drunk as **** lol really the only thing that kills that pain when it starts is one serious morphine injection at the hospital. Sometimes they will give ya 2

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Dude I feel for you , I had them a couple of times myself , not a whole lot you can do except hope it breaks up and also drink a lot of cranberry juice to help flush your kidneys

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Lets say I have a little expertise here...and some times the stones are caused by reversible reasons, but most of the time its idiopathic, and you may continue to make them.

However, if the stone you eventually passed is caught by a strainer(im hoping the docs gave you one unless you already passed it) then they can identify what kind of stones you are making. If its a reversible type(meaning there is a reason you are making them and it can be cured), then great.

If not, then drinking mas aqua, cutting back on coffee/carbonated beverages/milk may all potentially beneficial.

Its weird about the Toradol, that usually does the trick...but sometimes not.

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You sound kinda like me, the pain was unbearable it seemed and I was unable to walk, starting throwing up because of the pain..... friend took me to ER, put a morphine drip in me and I eventually pissed it out. Talk about relief after it was over.

Still had pain after passing though because it was jagged, gave me trams too.

Worst physical pain i've ever felt in my life.

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So how exactly does one get one so others may be able to avoid it. Sounds terrible....

And a question to those who have had them, have you tried a little marijuana to ease the pain??

That would be my only hope. If I was ever in that kind of pain on my bathroom floor. I couldn't imagine. I need to keep some heavy duty pain killers on the shelf just incase this happens seriously. You guys have scared me haha

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So how exactly does one get one so others may be able to avoid it. Sounds terrible....

And a question to those who have had them, have you tried a little marijuana to ease the pain??

Heard drinking water routinely helps prevent them but I can't say for sure.

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First off, go to a Urologist and find out what caused these stones.

Excess Calcium, Potassium etc etc.

Sometimes it is diet and other times it is a rhumatoid condition

which is just bad news.

You also need to find out of any damage to your Kidneys has occured.

Do not put this off.

For my case I was about to conduct a multi stage cave dive in a system

that my team had not been into......

It started as a low level muscle cramp or so I thought at the time.

Within 10 minutes I was nausiated and the team proceeded with out me.

By the time I got out of my rig I started hurling.

Honestly I did not know if i was going to poop or go blind.

All I knew was that I had to pee and could not.

I figured to start chuuging on a gallon of water and about 30

minutes later and a major struggle to do so, I was able to urinate.

Finally I got a good peestream flowing and Instantly I felt Great!.

When the second team surfaced I discussed this with Kevin

who is an EMT. He said and I quote,

"Congratulations, you passed a Kidney Stone, go see your Doctor asap".

I did just that but I also did some research and discovered the following.

Drink lots of water from here on out, you are now a water boy.


The following are usefull drinks for prevention.

Cranberry Juice. (Northwoods has the highest cranberry content)

Real Cheery Juice is even Better!

Now for the Bizzare concotions that really work.

Any time I get a back cramp in the area of my kidneys I do one or the other.

1 cup of raw coconut milk. This will help disolve these suckers fast and clear it out.

Now for the Naaasty Concotion. ( found this one from Australia)

2 fl ounces of fresh squeezed lemon juice

2 fl ounces of virgin olive oil.

Combine and gulp it down.

The lemon juice will help to disolve the stones and or soften them.

The Olive Oil will lubricate the urinary tract and help to pass them.

This is important. the mixture is nasty.

you have to whisk them together for a minute before chugging it.

Also to help with the intake, I mix a packet of splenda.

If you are feeling these comming on, get the Coconuts or do the

Lemon/Olive Oil. It is late in the game for the Cranberry or Cherry Juice.

Those are best for Maintenance.

Oh yeah one other thing.

These suckers will fire off your immune response system,

so you will feel like you are comming down with a cold or flu.

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Guest fibonacci

Heard drinking water routinely helps prevent them but I can't say for sure.

And that is what is strange. I drink the heck out of water. Spring water from Tampa..... Dang buccs did it to me

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