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Alford Signed

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Here is the link and article.



Robert Alford, the Falcons second-round pick, signed a four-year contract with the team on Friday.

The Falcons have now signed six of their eight draft picks. Alford, who played at Southeastern Louisiana, was selected 60th overall in the NFL draft. Terms of the deal were undisclosed.

The market for Alford was set. Green Bay signed former Alabama running back Eddie Lacy, the 61st overall pick on May 30.

According to the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Lacy’s deal with the Green Bay Packers is worth $3.392 million and included an $847,208 signing bonus. Last season’s 61st pick, San Francisco running back LaMichael James was signed for $3.318 million with a signing bonus of $853,744. A total of $1.4 million of the deal was guaranteed.

The 60th pick last season, Baltimore’s Kelechi Osemele, signed a four-year deal worth $3.34 million with an $873,360 signing bonus.

Alford has been on hand at the OTAs and has been splitting time between the first and second units. He’s also been with the group of players catching punts.

Alford is expected to compete for playing time and could land the nickel back position. Because the Falcons play so much nickel, they consider that player a starter.

Alford is 5-foot-10, 185-pounds and super-fast. He ran the 40-yard dash in 4.39 seconds at the NFL scouting combine.

Southeastern Louisiana plays in the Southland Conference. Alford was the first player taken in the draft from an FCS school.

Alford started off his career as a receiver before converting to defensive back. He finished his career with 10 interceptions and 21 pass breakups.

He was academically ineligible for his first season in 2008.

First-round pick Desmond Trufant and seventh-round pick Sean Renfree are the other remaining unsigned draft picks.

Below is a chart of the Falcons draft picks and their contract status:

Rd. No. Name — Pos — T eam — terms — signing bonus

1 (22) – Desmond Trufant, CB – unsigned

2 (60) – Robert Alford, CB – signed, terms undisclosed.

4 (127) — Malliciah Goodman, DE, 4 years, $2.55 million — $397,000

4 (133 – Levine Toilolo, TE – 4 years, $2.460 million — $300,584

5 (153) – Stansly Maponga, DE, 4 years, $2.34 million — $186,740

7 (243) – Kemal Ishmael, FS, 4 years, $2.20 million — $45,896

7 (244) – Zeke Motta, SS, 4 years, $2.20 million — $45,896

7 (249) – Sean Renfree, QB – unsigned

Below is a chart with the 2012 players selected in the slots the Falcons drafted this season:

Rd. No. Name — Pos — T eam — Years — total — sign bonus — cap number

1 (22) Brandon Weeden, QB, Cle — 4 years — $8.083 million — $4.318 million — $1.469 million

2 (60) Kelechi Osemele, OL, Bal – 4 years — $3.34 million — $873,360 — $608,340.00

4 (127) Adrien Robinson, TE, NYG — 4 years — $ 2.48 million — $385, 652 — $486,413

4 (133) Jerron McMillian, SS, GB – 4 years — $2.40 million — $300, 584 — $465,146

5 (153) Dennis Kelly, OL, Phil – 4 years — $2.28 million — $188,800 — $437,2200

7 (243) B.J. Coleman, QB, GB – 4 years — $2.145 million — $45, 869 – $401,474

7 (244) Jordan White, WR, NYJ – 4 years — $2.145 million— $45,869 – $401,474

7 (249) Travian Robertson, DT, Atl – 4 years — $2.145 million — $45,869 – $401,474

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It's a little strange that we haven't signed Renfree yet. But I hope we get him and Trufant both under contract soon, so we can get an exact picture of how much cap space we'll have remaining (probably about 3.5 million). I normally wouldn't think that's enough money to sign Seymour, but he is earning a lot of dead money from Oakland. We could probably get him for cheaper because of that, like the Ravens did with Dumervil.

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I honestly don't see what the freaking hold up is with Trufant. I guess maybe they're arguing over what the guaranteed money is? Incentives? What?

1st rounders always take the longest, add in the fact that we didn't have cap room prior to June 1st and that Trufant only just graduated and came down to Atlanta this week - it's not really a surprise. It's gonna happen so there is no point worrying about it.

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