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Xbox Owners Fable 3 Is Free Today (Gold Members)


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We interrupt your reg scheduled football threads to bring you this special deal bulletin.

Fable III (Xbox 360 Digital Download Game) Free (Xbox Live Gold Membership Required)

Xbox Live Marketplace has Fable III (Xbox 360 Digital Download Game) for Free when following the instructions listed below. Please refer to the forum thread for additional details. Thanks uzy & others who contributed.

Note, offer applies only to Xbox Live Gold Membership only. Game file is 5.61GB and connection speed download may vary from console to console.

  1. Click this link here
  2. Login to your Xbox Live Account via online
  3. Scoll down and find "Fable III" game
  4. Click "Download to Xbox 360"
  5. Change your form of payment to "Microsoft Points"
  6. Login to your Xbox Console to view your download

Not football related but still a great deal for xbox owners.

Probably a E3 deal so grab it while you can.

Now back to your reg scheduled football talk.

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Guest Masbinacci


i just payed 20 bucks 2 months ago for it lmao

That stinks, things liked that have happened to me.

but they are having different free games on july first

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