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Congrats Roddy


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Yea I know, I just find it hard that people believe that Peterson is the best corner on the list.

Hype. Emotion. Bull jank. I know you know, and honestly I like your opinion. Things are so fluid from year to year that I can't care about "Top anything" but I get it. Something to talk about. The offseason sucks.

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No way shoul Julio be higher than Roddy, so I don't know if he makes the list.

But its players opinions so who knows?

Its 7 over receivers that has to be named... Julio will be one of them but i cant name 7 WR's thats should go over Roddy



Andre 3000


A.J green

Brandon Marshall

I cant even figure out the other guy ... The only WR's i can put over Roddy right now is A.J Green and Megatron ... Julio and Andre can be argued.. I just dont see how you can put any of the other guys over him if you go by

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