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Tbs's Mlb Postseason Coverage


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Sucks? Oh. That's what I was expecting to follow in the OP.

I like TBS's postseason coverage. I think it is miles better than FOX and ESPN.

I was reading yesterday about the tv deals, when TBS first signed up if there was any matchup of any kind between the Red Sox and Yankees that FOX was to do the games even if it was supposed to be TBS's coverage. I just laughed out loud to myself at how pathetic the Red Sox and Yankees games are and yet the TV networks drool all over themselves about it.

But something that everyone will love about the new TV deals is that FOX will no longer be able to blackout games on Saturday on MLB.tv and MLB Extra Innings.

MLB Network will take over hosting the ASG Selection Show and the Futures Game.

FOX will still have the ASG, one of the LCS's and the WS. Starting in 2014 FOX get's two of the DS's.

TBS will still have one of the LCS's and the other two DS's and one of the WC playoff games. The other WC playoff game will be on ESPN.

MLB Network will still show 2 DS games pulled from FOX's coverage.

FOX and TBS will continue to alternate between the AL and NL every year. I don't know if they still have that Red Sox/Yankees BS still in the deal where they get the rights to that matchup.

FOX will get 52 regular season games up from 26 with 12 of those being exclusively on FOX. The other 40 they can show on FOX Sports 1 if they want to which they will probably do to try to get people to buy that channel.

One last note, starting in 2014 TBS, ESPN, FOX, MLB Network will all be able to live PIRATED VIDEO IS ILLEGAL their games including postseason games.

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