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Guest King Jigsaw

So yesterday, I believe, there was a thread talking about Charlie Campbell picking us to win the Super Bowl against the Houston Texans. Alternatively, his more famous partner for whom the site is named after, Walter Cherepinsky, is slotting the Falcons to pick Will Sutton at 24th overall. Fan of the pick, but not a fan of the placement. This was my comment:

Atlanta Falcons:

2012: Made it to the NFCCG.


-John Abraham

+Osi Umenyiora

+Maliciah Goodman

+Stansley Mopunga

-Michael Turner

+Steven Jackson

-Dunta Robinson

-Brent Grimes

+Desmond Trufant

+Robert Alford

So.. upgrade DE, RB, and CB.. go from drafting 30 to drafting 24? I guess that's one person's opinion but.. wait, wtf? Saints? "OHHELLNAW"

I titled the post 'Every Falcons Fan Reading This' because Walter also has the New Orleans Saints picking three slots down at 27th overall. I know that there are a lot of people that put little faith in Walter but I have never personally felt so badly about something he's published. The Saints leapfrogging the Falcons this year? No way.

Yesterday on Twitter I saw that Walter had updated his mock and went to see if he had corrected this mistake or not only to find that the order remained unchanged. Furthermore, I scrolled down to the comments section and found this:

Every saints fan reading the comments

"Lemme see every falc-*sees the saints ahead of falcons OHHELLNA part* can't no lucky dirty bird fly when luck runs out

(Getting serious now this part named:serious saints fan):

I'm serious ya wanna know how lucky they are?they should've lost to the raiders.PERIOD END OF DISCUSION.but wait I can show you about 10 more luck out games in the regular season(this is not including the lucky Seattle game).the saints will get it back together.like it's captioned in a Sean Payton picture:"Hey falcons!Daddy's back."

This is what I think of when I think of every New Orleans fan I've ever come in contact with. The inability to distinguish between luck and 'clutch' is running rampant in the swamps it appears. Perhaps when Julio burns their corners so bad it alters the definition of cajun then they will realize, and hopefully Walter will too. Furthermore, I have no problem beating the Saints now that Sean Peyton is allowed in the building again. We'll see who calls who 'Daddy' this year.

The Dirty Birds are here to stay!

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