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Just saw Fast and Furious 6...pretty good movie and the best sequel so far. There is definitely a F&F7. I also saw a sequel trailer to Machete...Carlos Estevez, good one. Anyway, if you could write a sequel to any movie without a reboot, name the movie and your plot for it...

Here's mine:

I would write a sequel to Risky Business... Joel and Lana, 30 yrs later, leave their 17 yr old son at home for a week to take a needed vacation. Son, unknowingly, rips off a drug dealer and must come up with $15,000 by Monday or die. Now his parents can save the day by getting the cash but Lana wants to pass the family business on and teach Joel Jr. about 'capitalism'. Parents gather their hoes, as Joel became undercover pimp splitting 1/2 of Chicago with Guido. Guido is recently retired but comes out to help out and lends his hookers and ties up ("Hey....Where's my $300 for the artsy-fartsy thing!") loose ends.

Last scene--

Lana explains they have tried to escape this life for 30 years but can now finally be free.

Joel Jr: "So you think I can do this...I am not nearly that good..."

Joel: "You just made $20 grand in one weekend...Time of your life, huh kid?"

Joel Jr: " Well, it's better than taking your Porsche for a spin and better paying than a getting it on with the babysitter."

Guido(in the limo): "Oh, what the f*ck?! Don't you two have to catch a train?!"

Lana: "You know, I would like a train ride right about now"

Joel: "Oh, yeah...how much you got on ya?"

Lana: " I got twenty dollars, Joel.."

Joel: "Twenty dollars, Lana? What are we going to do about that?"

fade to black....

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Yeah I always thought they should have made one set in medieval times or the Wild West or something different from that ****** urban setting they always chose to go with. The satanic sh^t should have stopped after it failed horribly in City of Angels.

Yep. The first one was great then they got worse with every sequel

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