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Pirates At Braves


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Think the tough matchup will be Wandy. But with the way Teheran has been pitching, we should have a great chance to win that game. Never assume a sweep against a quality team like Pittsburgh, but it's definitely not out of the realm of possibility.

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Sure wouldn't hurt to have him right now or even for next year.

Wouldn't hurt to have a lefty that's 5-1 with a sub 2.30 ERA.

Who's been extremely lucky this season thanks to having an opponent's BABIP of .235 and a LOB percentage of 85.9%. He also has a pretty bad stikeout rate of only 5.91 and walk rate of 3.66. Meaning he should have an ERA closer to 4.13 instead of the 2.25 ERA he does have. Meaning that there will be a huge regression eventually. Remember when Paul Maholm had those kinds of numbers? Look at Maholm now. The real Maholm if the guy we say pitch yesterday. Locke is the same type of pitcher. You can't continue to give up as many baserunners as he does while getting so few strikeouts and continue to keep an ERA as low as he has right now.

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