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Sweet Jaysus Lincoln Continental!


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Guest Masbinacci

I was told all day yesterday that you aren't who you say you are Ma'am! :lol:ph34r.png

Wfw? or something else?

I've never been told

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I spent two days camping with friends ( some of you should try it, but I warn you, it involves the otdoors) and come home to some of the most hilarious yet creepily obsessive **** I have read outside a serial killer documentary.

First, to those who acted with common sense, I applaud you. Some people get the internet, some people believe everything they hear there.

second, I thank the kind individual who PMed me and explained who/what a PP/pencil pusher was. You stopped just short of explaining how hard this poster drilled these guys sister/girlfriends/daughters/moms/aunts/grandmas/pets.. but the blanks were easy to fill in.

THIRD, to people like vanilla, exlax and beavert*ts, put it up or shut it up, lil piggies. Got proof I'm a dude or another poster...PROVE IT.. Otherwise if I want your lip I will scrape it off Antoine Dobsons zipper( or snowy ****holevilles equovelent)

PROOF , litle girls proof.

nd lastly, since beaver t*ts says I attacked him, I give you the entirety of the convo that started it all that he says caused him such rage as to " out" me.

Which proves, a simple set of stats, a simple football fact that rolls from female lips that contradict what these guys think they know, and its guns ablazin' its gotta be a dude yall circle the jerk wagons!!!!

Please be dears and show me where I attacked him before he started slinging accusations I was someone else. please.

And lastly part 2, Shred and WTFs hurt feelings. AWWW> I called an ugly dude ugly and an old guy old. never mind making cancer jokes like beaver t*ts did not seem to raise a bit of ire in you , in fact I was told to loosen up, but the fact is I attacked enlightened about his emo beard very early on and he never once cried over it, and you guys call him a pansy? change your pads, ladies.

and now, me ATTACKING beavert*ts.:


Beavert*ts:Posted 30 May 2013 - 11:57 AM

Hitchcock is to Craven what Rodgers is to Romo.

Memyself:oddly they have very similar career numbers with Rodgers having a clear advantage in less ints and having the dream season with the super bowl.

But otherwise, Rodgers has 8 less career starts ,about 600 more attempts,6 less td's and around 4,000 less yards.

But can anyone say they they did not expect Rodgers/ green Bay to build on that season, but as a team they really haven't

Im starting to wonder if a lot of you just listen to the media when discussing individuals accomplishments.

Beavert*ts:Careful, your façade is slipping

Memyself:Because I quote true stats instead of imagining things?

I guess I could question your facade because you think Rodgers is so special?

cuts both ways.

beavert*ts:What is the old expression for a clerk who does menial paperwork?

memyself: Muskokas finest?

Beavrt*ts**** post some pic of an old black dude who I have since discovered is Sammy Davis Jr and whom was the avatar of posteer I am accused of being.

Memyself:old black guy pointing is medial work to you? cism.

beavert*ts:Curious that someone who would start a Falcons to the Super Bowl thread, would jump to the defense of Tony Romo?

and by the way, remember this was in a thread about Alfred Hitchcock and Wes craven and note that before beavert*ts

chewed his way through a log to get to his keyboard, I was happily talking movies, right on subject.


PEOPLE! see how viciously I attacked him before he decided to "out" me as a dude?

Edited by lilhoney
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as long as its not potentially serious, no boys will have to run to papa or snowy ****holevilles equivilent. Probably "bear".

You shoulda heard these two (dd & WFL & a couple others) earlier, going on about how they had run you off with your tail between your legs. It's MORE than just pathetic....it's plain sad that, they're all so threatened. As sad as it is though........it's very, very funny!laugh.pnglaugh.png

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Who is beavertits.

Also I don't care who or what you are.

I find you entertaining.

And to be honest you and pencil have some very similar styles.

I'm guessing you missed the post where rave was asking who you were and I said him.

As a matter of fact the butt hurt in your post is very rave like.


But really I don't ever intend or plan on ever meeting any of you in real life so who you are matters not.

Except the alpha bull. Ha!

I wanna meet this guy just to have a face to face sit down convo with the guy.

Next time I'm in DC hopefully.

Be ready ya geriatric twat.

This post has a very similar style to Shred.


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You're on to me

I mean us.

In fact we are happily married.

He's the catcher and I'm the thrower.

Posting like this helps me keep my posts from going all over the place.

I has der wandering mind

be honest, you have to take a weedwhacker in, doncha?


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