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Classic Falcons Play


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This may have been posted a while back, but I was looking at the nfl.com's top 20 games of 2012, which the NFCCG ranked 17th. (Kinda shocked that the Div. Game against the Seahawks ranked 2nd, but glad to see they recognized how amazing that game was.) Anyway, in the review of the game, there was a link to a play from the '83 season I'd not seen before. Thought I'd share that here for those who hadn't seen it yet.


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Great video of a fond memory.

I was at that game. It was actually a Sunday 4:00 start,

so it wasn't a 'night' game. It was very cold and drizzly.

My seats were on the front row of the club level, end zone,

so that play happened right under our noses. It was so obvious

that White Shoes was down before crossing the goal line that

all the cheers you heard were more from freaking at the ref

giving the game to us, than joy of an actual touchdown.

(BTW that's Brad Nessler with the call...I bet most Falcon fans

don't realize he used to be our announcer)

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