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Jones Accidentally Reveal Their Draft Board, Again


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Three years ago, the Cowboys’ draft board became public thanks to owner and General Manager Jerry Jones giving interviews while standing in front of it. Now it has happened again.

Jones gave video interviews while standing in front of the draft board during this year’s draft, and BloggingTheBoys.com has been able to look at enough different angles to reconstruct the entire draft board.

This may sound like an embarrassing gaffe on the Cowboys’ part, but it’s really not: The images of the Cowboys’ draft board weren’t available until after the draft was over, so it didn’t give any other teams a competitive edge over the Cowboys in draft strategy or trade talks. In fact, one specific piece of information the draft board reveals — that first-round draft pick Travis Frederick was given a second-round grade and was the No. 22 player on the board — had already been revealed by Jones.

Still, the full draft board makes for interesting perusing, because it isn’t often that teams allow this kind of information to go public.

The most interesting aspect might be the players whose names do not appear on the draft board, presumably because of concerns about injuries or off-field problems. The players the Cowboys didn’t consider drafting at all include Jarvis Jones, Alec Ogletree, Matt Elam, Christine Michael, Keenan Allen, Marcus Lattimore and Tyrann Mathieu.

It’s also worth mentioning the players chosen far higher than the Cowboys thought they should have been. Dallas had a fourth-round grade on quarterback E.J. Manuel, whom the Bills selected in the first round, as well as third-round grades on first-round picks Kyle Long, Desmond Trufant and Datone Jones.

For football fans, this kind of thing makes for good offseason fun. Here’s hoping Jerry Jones keeps giving interviews in the team’s draft room.

What a owner..... lol at having a 3rd round grade on Trufant.

That would have been a steel though, but he was never gonna slip to the 3rd.

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Jones always said any publicity is good publicity.

The draft ended how long ago?

If this were April 15th there might be an issue.

But it's not.And here you are focused on the Star.

Thanks Danight.

Its new football news. I deliver like UPS!

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