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Awesome Playstation 3 Bundle Deal

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Found this one from Kotaku. For anyone interested, this a great deal.

Here's the link to the store page... http://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboDealDetails.aspx?&PID=1225267&ItemList=Combo.1307658&cm_sp=

You have to add it to your cart to see Bioshock Infinite and the $50 PSN card added.

I had to do a triple take when I saw this bundle, partially because it's really good, and also because it's very confusing.

For $323 at Newegg, you get the following:

• Playstation 3 250GB with included controller

• Extra controller (currently $45 on Amazon though they've of course been cheaper)

• $50 PSN card (free money)

• Whatever Playstation Plus trial is included (it's not being clear about it)

• Bioshock Infinite

• Max Payne 3

• Need for Speed: Most Wanted

• Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete

• Burnout Paradise (not sure if this is all DLC included or not)

These are boxed copies of the games, so you can sell them to your friend or a store or just give them away if you already own them. It's also free two-day shipping if you have a ShopRunner account.

Why is it confusing? For one thing, Infinite and the $50 card aren't listed anywhere, and don't show up unless you add the item to your cart. Also, the way it's listed, it looks like you're getting two copies of Need For Speed: Most Wanted. It's already crazy, so maybe you are.

It's a good enough deal to replace an aging PS3 with, buy a second one to have blu-ray in multiple rooms, get your Dad for father's day, etc. If you don't already own a PS3 and/or missed several of these games, the bargain is that much better, especially considering the Playstation 4 won't play PS3 discs, and whatever streaming/emulation they have planned won't be ready at launch. [Newegg]


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Yeah I think the current systems are going to get a nice price break either after E3 or later this year when the new systems are about to drop.

I can see them both dipping close to $100 with some nice bundles available at probably $200 or so.

This is still a pretty good deal though... a new PS3, extra controller, 5 games (on disc, in boxes), PS Plus trial, $50 PSN card... even for $380 that's a solid deal. $323 was an awesome price... $380 is still good though.

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