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666th Post

by garrow

666th post! sos letz all raize a toast

2 tha devilish dude wit the snake skin shoez

yeah he go by Garrow, he'z tha dance floor pro

mixin mad zima wit honiez n vintage merlot!

i kontrol tha kloughhb wit mah fly dance chopz

i gotz more movez than Monsanto got cropz

all tha dudez in tha kloughhb b actin hecka jelly

dey see mah swollen latz bigga then Buddha's belly

all tha fly honiez wanna rub mah crotch 4 Luck

sos i chug a smirnoff ice lik i slap a hockey puck

wit mah Messier jersey n my Jeter cologne

all theze fly modelz wana take ya boi home!


666 standz 4 tha six hundret n sixty six fly honiez i 69'd wit in tha VIP bathroom at tha kloughhb.

my boi, Paulie Visintini iz gonna post a gold plated plaque up in mah favorite 69in stall thiz weekend 2 honor my accomplishment.



keep kloughhbin'!


Paulie V, kold stylin!


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my inbox iz gettin flooded wit so many PM'z kongratulating me on 69in wit my 666th fly honie up in tha kloughhb VIP bathroom, i literarilly lost kount!

so pleaze allow me 2 address all ur well wishez here.

so, from tha bottom of my heart . . .

Thank U!

ya boi,


we did it!


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I'm confused. Are you black or white with a burned tan. Not trying to crack on you or anything. Some pics you look white, some you dont

i'm Italian

and ya kan't spell Italian without -- T-A-N!


Edited by Garrow69
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With one decimal point, you'd have your IQ score: 66.6

Run Forrest...Run...


not 4 nuthin, bruh, butt i'm pretty sure tha intelligence quotient isn't meazured wit 10ths

what i AM sure of is your Hecka Jelly Quotient (HJQ) iz off tha chartz!


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