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Is Peters Moving To Nt?

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Guest facelessman07

Like an African American Andy Reid

In the words of Asante... "Dat Big Belly"

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Corey looked great for not being a first or second round pick.

2010 very good in total tackles, and he helped in combine.

2011 little above good in tackles..... But helped in sacks.

2012 that injury hurt him.... But if you look at per games he actually played, it was still good.

As Long as he stays healthy. The guy will be great for us.

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I think something was wrong with the camera lens on that picture because he's talking to Roddy and Roddy looks fat like Tre lewis in the pic. I was like whuuuu?biggrin.png

LOL Did Roddy balloon up to Jelly doughnut size? ohmy.pngbiggrin.png Jelly looks like he's wearing #84 LOL... dam roddy lay off the butter biscuits dudelaugh.png

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