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Ota Video Up.

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Good Grief,,,,,,,Jackson is exceptionally fluid.

6'2 250lb,, makes you realize why coaches encouraged

Ballet Lessons back in the day.

If this does not get you reved up, then you have no business being on these boards!

**** I can not wait, props to Turner and all but Jackson looks to be in tremendous shape, Here's hoping the OL blocks like crazy.

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What i''ve gathered so far

1.Sjax is a man amongst boys. Dude is big as our linebackers and fluid with great hands.

2.Corey Peters looks alot bigger (maybe he was asked to bulk up, hopefully NOT the Turner diet plan)

3. Harry Douglas has bulked up (Hopefully he puts that new size to good use)

4.Ryan taking snaps from Hawley(maybe our new center?)

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