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Falcons Neighbors....aka The Hawks


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Falcons Falcons Falcons. Hawks Hawks Hawks.

Yes I put this in TATF. Deal with it. The traffic here is better, and we already have a thing going with TATF posters. Please let us have this here. There isnt any Falcons news to talk about.

WE HAVE A NEW COACH FELLAS. I for one am very excited about this hire. The last Mike to be hired by Atlanta worked out quite well, Go Falcons, hopefully this one will as well.

Introducing your new Atlanta Hawks coach. Mike Budenholzer.


I throw my hands up in the air sometimes, saying Heyyyy ohhh, Atlanta Letsss go.

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Dude was gonna inherit the Spurs when Pops hung it up... Great move. Ferry used his ties with the Spurs to pull it off, I fathom... Wonder what other moves are in store for the Hawks?

I would think Pop hangs it up when Manu, Duncan, and Parker are gone. For that reason I would do what Mike did and take the highroad to Atlanta where the bank is full and the options are limitless. If he stayed in SA he would have a very depleted team when he took over.

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He dont know

That was going to be his response for any coach not named Phil Jackson.

Thats what I was thinking too.

Realistically our choices were Mike, Brian Shaw, or that guy from Europe. No elite coach was coming here and ASG wasnt going to pay anyone.

This guy has learned from pop for years. Whats not to like?

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carpet bagger


I'm friends with j-smoove on Facebook, orIginally the hawks told him to look for another team but they rebuttled that statement after telling him they were going to aggressively pursue d Howard and Chris Paul..

Intriguing. Im friends with Evan Gattis. I win haha

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