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Pot To Be Legalized For Recreational Use In Colorado!

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Happy it is happening. I wonder what the unintended consequences will be?

Less crime , lower taxes , less people being sent to prison , lowering of state debt , just to name a few.

Our prisons are full of people busted on lowly possession charges. Costs us way to much money.


Watch that clock tick. It makes me sick.

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Big news is increase in emergency room visits from kids accidentally ingesting weed...so far...SEVEN

Every year around 12,000 kids under the age of five are treated in emergency rooms for exposure to household cleaning products. Of those injured, around 6% face a life-threatening situation or suffer long-term disabilities from their poisoning.


No kid has ever, nor will ever DIE from eating weed...End of story

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But you can get pretty sick. Once upon a time someone made me a "brownie" which apparently had an incorrect dosage of the main ingredient I ingested the said brownie and after a couple hours was ripped beyond belief and then pretty dizzy for 2 days. I didn't think it was possible to OD on herb but apparently I did.

Lucky for you it was weed and not a common, legal household chemical ;)

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