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Retaining Wall Collapse At Atlanta Falcons Player's Home


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Guest Masbinacci

I used to work streetscape, and one of my many license was on dirt.

I worked with a guy who was pretty much buried to his chest for only 5 minutes......but a lot of people think you can live as long as your head is out of the dirt. which is not true.

1. your skin breaths

2. the dirt puts more pressure on you every time you exhale.

But with this julio worker, he had a retainer wall. so I believe he was 6+ feet under the ground. but that retainer wall saved his butt. but the scary part is if the dirt caved in around that. which means he would have had a space of dead air, to where it does not crush him......but, eventually you run out of breathable air.

I'm willing to bet this was a worker who did not double check his spacing for his beams. but who ever was the liecense person on the job site will be sued and not working for a short little while for any ditch type work.

And you can bet OSHA is making sure this guy and whoever was the license person are getting sued.

(also it can lead to jail time for the license person)


not doing faces of death. but this crane operator ignored his flag. (you can never run a crane when it is over 30 MPH.) If you watch the tunnel flag is pointed out straight, which lets you know the wind is over 30MPH.

Now usually this would fall onto the crane OP.....but OSHA was actually out on the job site (which is the guy recording the video). therefore the OSHA guy finally went to court here recently and is serving three counts of 2nd degree murder. Everything that guy owned is lost and given to the family of the victims. and OSHA is still dragging their feet with them going to court, cause the families of the victims are trying to sue them.

that's my two cents. biggrin.png

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that was big blue building the astros new home wasn't it,I had a haliburton orientation and the CEO came on and said they got a critical lift over ride on that one,which never should have happened.he said the job came in under deadline and under bid but he considered it a failure because of the death,now equipment operators are help liable because they have their hands on the controls and can hit the stop button.

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Wonder if he has dogs? lol

Not a problem I'll just make a stop by the meat market grab some hot links and peanut butter that should buy me enough time.......

And one of them police dog training suits just in case.....

And a bullet proof vest.........

And helmet.......


You know what Fcuk it I'll just go to TC instead.

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