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I would love Clowney, but no. If I knew for a fact that he would be as completely dominant in the NFL as he was against UGA this year, I would probably say yes. But I dont think that dominance will translate to the NFL on quite that level. He will be a great NFL DE IMO, but that trade would cost so much, anything less than a Hall of Fame DE wouldnt be worth it.

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Impossible to answer unless you know where he's going to be and where we're going to be.

A lot of people think he's going to be #1. Some people have Bridgewater above him, or even Manziel, but nobody has him outside the top 3 or so. It would take a HUGE trade to get him, assuming that we are picking in the last 6 or so.

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I would think about trading up because i like pass rushers like Anthony Barr, Kyle Van Noy , and Morgan Breslin.... These guys are good pass rushers and good football players.

They will not make it to our pick so i would think about moving up for one of these guys

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