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If Goodman Pans Out, We Have A Top Defense.

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The only big problem I see with Goodman is that even though his athleticism is underrated, his initial burst off the line is very lacking. I've seen some DTs blow off the line quicker and I think that's what held him back. He's a strong guy, has really helpful long arms to keep lineman off of him which is what made him good in college, but it's difficult to play in this league if your initial burst isn't as good. IMO, the reason Abraham was so skilled was because if you watch his higlights, he was incredibly agile for a defensive lineman. His hands were vicious and his footwork and initial burst are just flawless.

Mallichiah, IMO, has more potential than he's given credit for. When I watched the film on him and saw his combine stats I didn't think he would have much potential but I see him as being a good pass rusher in the future, if not, a great run-stopper to help our much-lacking run-defense.

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We had a top 5 D in points allowed last year. I hate to break your hearts, but that was pretty good D.

The defense was better than most gave credit for.

This is why we will not see wholesale changes, but

will see different looks and rotations.

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