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The Pressure Index


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From National Football Post:

"While the expectations vary for each, these 12 teams have the most to lose in 2013.

Pressure is felt is just about every walk of life. That’s not to say it’s always present, but at some point pressure will find you and it will weigh on you. Jobs, families, sweating out the final two minutes of Thursday night’s Kings-Sharks thriller—pressure is completely and utterly inescapable over the long haul.

The members of the NFL family know this fact all too well. Front office personnel, coaches, players, **** even the fans feel the pressure that accompanies the win-at-all-costs mentality of professional football.

But depending upon the situation, some in the NFL will feel the pressure more than others.


5. Detroit Lions: Remember that 10-6 season in 2011 that culminated with a trip to the playoffs? Remember how we stopped making jokes at the Lions’ expense? Yeah, well, those days were short-lived as Detroit reverted back to their old ways last season with a 4-12 campaign that had the organization right back in the NFC North cellar. The Lions haven’t won a playoff game since 1991. Think about that for a second. The last time this organization tasted success in the postseason, “I Wanna Sex You Up,” by Color Me Badd was the No. 2 song in the country. That’s the type information that warrants a prescription for Prozac.

What must be accomplished: End the drought, shock the world and win a playoff game already.

4. Atlanta Falcons: Had Matt Bryant not drilled that 49-yarder with eight seconds remaining in the NFC divisional round against the Seahawks, Atlanta would be No. 1 on this list. But Bryant connected, the Falcons had their first playoff win of the Matt Ryan-Mike Smith era and the franchise bought itself a sliver of breathing room. Now it’s time to take another step forward. Otherwise, this team is going to become the 2001-2003 Philadelphia Eagles.

What must be accomplished: A return to the NFC Championship game at a minimum. A spot in the Super Bowl preferably.

3. Houston Texans: Had the Texans not hired former Dallas Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips to run their defense prior to the 2011 season, there’s no doubt that Houston boss Gary Kubiak would have been sent packing. That’s how much Phillips and this new-look defense have meant to the franchise. Back-to-back trips to the postseason have been nice and a franchise-record 12 wins in 2012 was even nicer. But beating up on Cincinnati at home and then getting railed by the big boys the following week in each of the last two postseasons has run its course. Once again, time is running out on Kubiak.

What must be accomplished: A spot in the AFC Championship game.

2. Dallas Cowboys: Tony Romo is getting paid like a Super Bowl-winning quarterback without having won the Super Bowl. Jason Garrett is still the head coach despite coming up short in Week 17 play-in games in each of the past two seasons. Jerry Jones continues to tell us that these two guys are in the long-term plans for the Dallas Cowboys. But the bottom line is that this is an organization that has been to the postseason just once over the last five years and has notched only one playoff victory since 1996.

What must be accomplished: Expectations should be higher, but one playoff win is more than enough considering this team’s recent history.

1. Denver Broncos: No matter how many times it’s been uttered, it still bears repeating: The Denver Broncos won more playoff games with Tim Tebow under center than they did with Peyton Manning. As played-out as that statement is, you can’t help but think about it after last year’s colossal failure at Mile High. The Broncos tore through the regular season with their new $20 million quarterback, but an ultra-conservative game plan coupled with critical errors on both sides of the ball against the Ravens left this team with as many postseason victories in 2012 as the Jacksonville Jaguars. 13 or more wins during the regular season means absolutely nothing. For Denver in 2013, it’s all about what happens in January and February.

What must be accomplished: A trip to the Super Bowl."


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Falcons will be under intense pressure and spotlight all season. The media will swarm like hounds at the first scent of blood.

What is your point?

If you really want to see media swarm ?

Focus on the Lombardi team who's dropped or lost all of their big name defense guys. Once again the weirdo is mistaken. The focus will be on Flacco , and his Ravens.

Good call though Cap Strangelove , we almost missed our time in the spot light.

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Nothing is really expected from the superbowl winners. Baltimore almost gets a skate year. They had to get younger. They'll be back. And Denver is going to be scary. As are.the Seahawks, niners, and patriots. Going to be a tough year all around. Shut, Tampa, Hawkins and Carolina are all going to be solid. No cake walks for us this year.

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I would say a few of those teams that didn't even make the playoffs have "more pressure" than we do. At the end of the day, 31 teams fail in a season if you're a team that continues to flirt with .500 or below and doesn't even make the tournament with big name talent on your squad you're under more pressure if you ask me.

Most of the time these national guys talk about how we're not that good and getting lucky with our double digit wins anyway.

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I just want to see the NFL talking heads stfu! I want to see all the people predicting losses eat their words,I want Jamie dukes to look like the fool he is!12-4 minimum,nfc champs,trip to NY CITY!,beat the broncos azz for the '98 loss.wtf,it could happen.

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