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Predicting The Falcons 2013 Roster

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QB-Matt Ryan,Dominique Davis,Seth Doege

RB-Steven Jackson,Jaquizz Rodgers,Jason Snelling,

FB-Brady Ewing

WR-Roddy White,Julio Jones,Harry Douglas,Martel Moore,Drew Davis,(Joe Hawley)wink.png

TE-Tony Gonzalez,Levine Toilolo,Chase Coffman

RT-Lamar Holmes,PhiillipKeith Manley

RG-Mike Johnson,Garrett Reynolds

C-Peter Konz,Joe Hawley

LG-Justin Blalock,Harland Gunn

LT-Sam Baker,Terran Jones


RE-Osi Umenyiora,StanslyMaponga,Cliff Mathews

DT-Johnathan Babineaux,Corey Peters,Peria Jerry,Micanor Regis

LE-Malliciah Goodman,Johnthan Massiquoi

ROLB-Sean Weatherspoon,Jopolo Bartu,Pat Schiler

MLB-Akeem Dent,Brian Banks

LOLB-Stephen Nicholas,Kroy Biermann,Robert James

CB-Asante Samuel,Desmond Trufant,Robert Alford,Robert McClain

SS-William Moore,Charles Mitchell

FS-Thomas Decoud,Zeke Motta,Kemal Ishmael


P/K-Matt Bosher,Matt Bryant


Antone Smith RB

Peyton Thompson CB

Terrence Johnson CB

Jacques McClendon OG

Ronnie Wingo RB

Nick Clancy MLB

Sean Renfree QB

Darius Johnson WR

Tim Toone WR

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no robertson at dt? only 4 cbs on the roster? ummmmmm blink.png

We have plenty of CB as a whole and their are 6 in total with the relaese of franks and also Ishmael could drop down and play some CB.Robertson i really dont care about just because he would be a 5th string DT

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Only 4 cb's? No Travian Robertson? Way too many LB's.

Well i noticed how everyone was complaining about our LB depth so i decided to drop Biermann down LB and add in James and Bartu

antone smith can not be on the practice squad, No travian robertson ?

What does he really provide as a falcon

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Phillip Manley is a projected RG not RT

We will keep more than just 4 CB's

If i'm not mistaken TD said Massaquoi was going to play RE

Cliff Matthews is a LE

We won't carry 3 QB's

We only had a slim few tackles ever since we cut Clabo so i looked at his height and weight compared to Baker and Holmes and he fit right in.Again i have 6 on the team as a whole and if a CB gets hurt in a game Ishmael will drop down and play CB.IDK about the Massaquoi situation.Cliff Matthews is a RE because he was backing up Abe all last year and when he got playing time it was when Abe needed a break so he is primarily a RE.And look at it this way Matt Ryan gets hurt our backup QB Davis struggles and We need a QB dressed out thats where Doege comes in do i need to remind you of the Texans QB situation a few years back when TJ Yates had to come in and he was behind Matt Leinart and Matt Schaub.

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