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What 1St Round Selection Would Cause You To Forever Lose Faith In Dimitroff?

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In my opinion, I will be happy with most any DE or CB projected in the 1st. TD would have to go completely off the grid and reach for Eddie Lacy in the 1st or something radically absurd like that for me to lose faith in him.

What about you? I know some of you hold the guy a lot closer to the fire than I do.

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Anything that cost us a future first round pick would be infuriating. And I don't want T'eo independent of the Catfish stuff. He just doesn't strike me as anything special as a pro. He has great anticipation and instincts but he seems very, very soft.

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Not going to lie, I just looked at highlights of Tavon Austin for the first time (mostly because I knew we weren't going WR in the 1st). And oh. my. If we moved up to #3, forget our defense. Draft Austin. I'd be fine with a vet CB and Abraham in FA.

To your original question, there isn't much. I believe TD has earned our faith in him as a GM.

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QB, RB, FB, TE, WR, OT, C, MLB, SS, K, P

The "realistic" thing that could happen that would drive me crazy would be drafting a TE. Yes Tony will retire after this season and a 2 TE offense with Julio, White, Tony and Jackson would be nice and let us put together long drives and rest the D but we have FAR more glaring needs on D

OL is a possibility, I didnt want to see Baker resigned and after cutting Clabo we need Holmes to start. Drafting an OT early means Holmes continues to be a backup

I could live with taking a guard but again defense is a far more glaring need

Definately don't want to see a MLB in the 1st, I would vomit if we took Teo

Not resigning Abe yet was incredibly foolish and has put us in a position where if we don't take an explosive pass rushing DE in the 1st, possibly by trading up, we're pretty much screwed and the best case scenario is resigning Abe after the draft

Then we need a corner who will see major snaps as the nickel at worst in the 2nd

Then in the 3rd we badly need a DT

After that we need to hit depth but we also badly need an impact return specialist

My biggest fear is that TD still hasnt come to grips with how undermanned and undertalented the DL is after going into multiple seasons with it not being playoff caliber

His lack of addressing this glaring problem that cost us a Super Bowl trip and leaving us in a position where even if we hit pure defensive needs with our first 3 picks we can still not be where we need to be is concerning

If we come out of the 1st round with an impact defender we're on the right track

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