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Current Falcons Destined For The Hof

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Tong G is obviously a lock.

I can't see Roddy getting in unless he adds anther 5000 yards.

Abe is probably at least 15-20 sacks short.

Jackson is a possibility, but has never struck me as one of the top 2 or 3 of his generation, and his teams' lack of success could keep him out.

Ryan is although one. With passing stats going through the roof, it is so difficult to say what numbers it will take to get in, especially if he doesn't get a title.

You have to remember that the problem selectors are members of the media, and the media is biased towards the same 10-12 teams and despises this organisation and its players. Just look how little respect Roddy gets, compared to other (less productive) WRs who are considered elite. Players of ours who'd have a great chance if they'd played for Dallas, SF, Chicago, GB, Washinsgton, NY, Pitt, NE, Baltimore or Denver won't get in because they play for us.

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Only way we get any of those guys to the hall of fame is no less than 2 super bowls in their career. Tony G is in, everyone else would be a long shot at this point. Here is to winning multiple super bowls and making that city of Atlanta get some respect.

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