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Roddy White's Nfl Power Rankings On Espn First Take

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Guest Falcman04

I just love Roddy... He is actually very good in this interview and explains him self very well. Loved what he had to say about super bowl or bust and defending Matt Ryan.

I only he could speak English so everyone could understand
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Like Roddy said the 2 turnovers that ended up being the difference in the game, those were OUR mistakes.

The niners were back on their heals on defense all game.

We shredded their defense and had we not had a slip of white or ill timed glance by Ryan we win that game, and honestly it is not even all that close.

Mark it down now... The niners do not win 9 games next year.

Yeah but we did make those mistakes. Last year was our golden chance. And that comment that I highlighted is the stupidest thing I have ever read.

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Skip Bayless is not a sports analyst, he is a wannabe psychiatrist. He doesn't talk about physical talent, relevant statistics or anything driven by common sense, all he cares about is what is going on in an athlete's mind that could have cause him to do something.

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