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Draft And Fa Forum

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IMO, the Draft and FA Forum is too far down the list of Forums.

I would like to see this positioned at #3, because it is

the Side Kick of TATF.

If it is placed up near the top, people will see it instead of scrolling down to find it.

This wiuld probably help that forum to grow, and Draft Topics would have a better shelf life.


Uncle Fester

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Time to go ahead and delete some of these unncessary forums while you're at it... Dome Field/Tailgating/Gameday/Road Trip need to be deleted or combined into one forum, Falcons365 doesn't even exist anymore, nor do the Georgia Force, the contest forum needs to go, Training Camp forum has 4 whole topics in it, and Pure Football didn't become what it was intended to and needs to go as well.

This place is way too cluttered.

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