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Talk Of Jarvis Jones Falling


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Uhhh what is he like in coverage? he is a OLB right? I know he excels as a passrusher so would he be a Von Miller/ Clay Mathews kinda guy?

That's a good question. I don't know how he'd do in a 43 base. He's probably a. Strictly pass rusher like Miller ..joker, I think they call it

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I gotta admit that is fun to think about.

every year there is a guy who falls much further than expected.... this guy could be the one this year.

I say if he is there around 24-25 we flip our fiurst and our original 4th to go up and get him..

He is one of the best pure edge rushers to come out in a long long time,

Not great in coverage but he can get that corner like no ones buisness.

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I refuse to believe he's going to fall to 30...if he's there you ABSOLUTELY take him and I don't think there's any chance that if he falls that far TD doesn't take him.

Yeah if he is there and our medical report is OK on him there is NO WAY we pass him up.

If OUR medical report on him is iffy then I can see us passing on him but I doubt it.

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