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If We Get Ryans Deal Done

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Flacco's contract is only a $6.8 million dollar cap hit in 2012, and you probably can't get it much lower than that. They made his base salary only $1 million in 2012 + the proration of his $29 million signing bonus ($5.8 million). I'm not sure structuring it this way would be the best idea though, as Flacco's deal will have to be redone within 3 years or he'll be a massive cap hit, even if they release him at that point.

Ryan is a $12 million dollar cap hit right now, so it's possible to save up to $5 million, but it just depends how the contract is structured.


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I think with a signing bonus and the right re-structure they could create approximately $6M for this year. With the $2.85 we still have left that could be enough room (nearly $9M plus the pool for signing rookies) for Abe and Richard Seymour (with whom TD had a relationship in New England.

If TD can get Matt to do that on a long term commitment and we get Abe back and maybe Seymour, that would be one of the best off-seasons ever! Offense improved, defense improved (with the draft as well) and Matt taken care of long term!

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First off I am a huge Ryan fan. However looking at this from a business standpoint I would not extend Ryan this year. Think about it we will have to pay him 20+ million dollars a year. Which will kill the cap. In addition since this would be a contract year he has more pressure to perform well, and it still protects us in case of a serious injury this year. Finally we would still have the leverage of the franchise tag after this year to push him into a little more team friendly deal. I'd say offer him a six year 123 million dollar deal next year with 60 million guaranteed and try to back load the cap so when he is in the final year or two we have a higher cap hit. By doing that if he is failing cut ties, if he is Tom Brady esque restructure for better chance of winning, if we are just average use those years as rebuilding years

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