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Fox's Schrager Has Us Trading Down - Jets

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Guest Fibonacci/Mashburn

who does not read our stuff?

if it was not for us, there would be hardly any media on the falcons.

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I would LOVE to work a deal with the Jets, because any pick from 2014 is about guaranteed to be top 5 with that circus of a team.

The mock pick was lazy though...he didnt even put any thought into what the Jets would give ATL for the pick. My guess would be a round 2, round 3 or 4 and 2014 round 2.

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depends on what QB's declare, ad who is picking at the top. A very good QB will go before a great (insert position here) simply because of the value of a QB in todays NFL.

Not if they have a QB, Bradford, or Geno Smith from this year.

I can only see clowney going 2 if some like the Jets are first and they don't take a QB this year. Or of Flynn disappoints in Oakland.

Clowney is a huge prospect at a position all 32 team in the NFL would take.

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If the Rams finish with #1 overall pick, they will take a top QB and move on from Bradford IMO. It would shw they are regressing and he cannot win mofr than 3 games if the pick #1 overall with him. I thought they should have taken Griffin and traded Bradford this year honestly. I bet they are thinking the same thing right now!

I agree if a team took Geno this year and picks #1 next season it wouldnt be a QB.

With OAK rebuilding and needing a face for the team, I think that Flynn would have to play pro bowl football to stop them from a top QB prospect. He hasnt even been designated as a starter. He is competing with Pryor (?) for the job.

As I mentioned before, it has to be a real good prospect, not someone like this years crop. Heck, reports say Tannehill would be the consensus #1 QB in this years draft.

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