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Hba 2013 Mock Draft V.6

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But you still was biatching up trying to back out the bet!!!!!

Go look back in every single thread. I stated MULTIPLE times that i would honor the bet. The only thing i talked about was the medical report that came out today that said his medical check up at his pro day or combine did not come back good. Don't be butt hurt lol

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This is what i said talking about his pro day and how i said i would take the bet if he ran in his pro day. Sheesh

That was definitely under the assumption he would be fully healthy while running it. I think its pretty obvious he wasn't, but i never specified that he had to run a certain 40 so ofcourse i will honor the bet.

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Yeah I already said i am in on the bet. So if you would have won the bet then you would be able to change mine and his name for 6 months. Yet if we won we would only get to change yours for 6 months. How is that an equal trade?

It was the same unequal you agree to, if you had a question why not say something earlier!!!!

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