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Now that Grimes has gone to Miami, I really feel like Abe will be coming back. I think Atlanta had some amount of money held back to re-sign Grimes, and now that that money isn't needed, I think they look to bring the Predator back.

I obviously could be wrong, but I hope to see #55 back in the ATL for one or two more years. Maybe Grimes leaving opens that door.

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I have never written 55 off as coming back.

Of course this will depend on what we do in the draft but it seems like the %'s are increasing all the time.Of course 55 will be taking a big pay cut to comeback but for me he's part of the furniture and him and Umenyiora give our pass rush alot of credibility all of a sudden that hesitation the media has about the Falcons will disappear with these 2 guys coming off the edge.

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