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I Figured It Out!


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Am I the only one who likes it? I think it's cool, and It's not as hard on my computer/phone as the julio gif was.

OT: Did my boo Reese get banned again? Where is he?

Probably staring at all of the Cam posters on his bedroom wall, as we speak.
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A lil Honda hatch.


Not my car but you get the gist.

It started out with me trying to trade the X for an VIII.

That deal just never worked out on my end.

The owner of the dealership wanted to buy my car straight out but I was only interested in his Evo.

After a few days of contemplation I decided I wanted a car that required as little maintenance as possible.

I was spending roughly $1000 a year on fluids alone in my MR. Those SST trannys are no joke and made the car extremely moody.

I always liked the look of those little Hondas. In the end I'm saving about $300 dollars a month in payment/insurance/gas.

Only thing is I miss the passing power.

I plan on lowering it, wheels, rear sway bar, LSD and then a super charger.

After all that ill be around 180 hp which isn't bad for a 2400 pound car.

And what the little lady doesn't know is that in a few years I'm gonna still be looking for a CT9A Evo for a project car.

A little passing power? How much is a supercharger on a Honda?

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Didn't you just read the post breezy? WFW said Raquel remains the sig because of class. So WFW world famous GIFs get the pleasure of being in the text area as not to disturb Miss Welch. Didn't you enjoy the little story of WFW brush with Raquel back in 67'? Besides WFW likes to change them frequently. Just enjoy the show!

The story was cute but it didn't say anything about why you manually put gifs in every post. Now, if I understand correctly, it's due to Raquel Welch's picture in your sig and not wanting to disturb her with your gifs. It all makes....ummmm...'sense' now.

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