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Anyone Else Played Gears Of War :judgement

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Rented it last night and played for the few free hours I had today and I don't know if it was because my play was rushed but I did not enjoy the little time I put into it. Normally, I enjoy gears from the start to finish but this one just didn't get me amped to run out and buy it right now. I tried survival which is another format of horde and it got boring. The free for all was Ok. I'll grab it when the price drops. I don't think it's worth $60. Has anyone else played and enjoyed it

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For the most part a typical gears game. Great graphics and atmospehre but a dummed down storyline. Don't currently have gold so I wasn't able to play muiltiplayer but I've heard good things.

yeah the campaign mode kinda threw me off. Completely different than what I was used to seeing. My wife even had a wtf look on her face lol
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