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Since you are the anonymous poster hiding behind an internet name attacking someone and hating on someone you don't know, it would appear that you resemble your own remarks far more than Baker who, even in 2011, we now know played hurt but came back far too early for the sole purpose of trying to help his team and his teammates.

i suspect that if you ever said what you typed about Baker to any other member of the Falcons o-line, you would immediately find out just how physically tough our o-line is.

This to me, is one of the very sad traits of this message board. These players are professionals and the Falcons, and especially Baker, have withstood enormous criticism with incredible character and courage. Guys on this Board have every right to comment on character, strategy and athleticism. But anytime anyone calls someone with Bakers very respected work ethic "a soft, cowardly, lazy malingering gold-bricker" only demonstrates your ignorance and lack of respect for the Game, the Team and our Players.

I think there should be a rule going forward that if anyone wants to attack a person's personal character that they should at least have the decency and courage to leave their real name, address and phone number. You might soon find a knock on the door.

Bet we'd have a lot more respect than the anonymous haters who share their opinions without regard to fact.

Yea, I mean Baker may be alot of things but he is far from a puzzy, LOL .......Baker would rip off BigRobs stupid face and chit down his throat LMFAO ....

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