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Since Today Is Apparently Mock Draft Day

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I like. A couple of things I'd like to point out and ask:

First, with Robertson' length, don't you think he's more of a 34 DE in 34 sets?

Two, I like the 2 DT/NT picks, but do you think we wait so late? I'm not sure where Stefan Charles gets picked. I think Akeem Hicks (another Canadian) went in third round. Think **** be around so late?

Lastly, I don't think we wait until 7th round to pick a wr. I think we get either a wr or TE in the 2nd-4th round areas.

I love Banks in the first. Very good with all other picks

Good job!

Robertson had some experience as a 1 and 2-tech NT at South Carolina so I think he can handle it, especially if he bulked up some which I heard the team brass wanted him to do. He was able to push O-linemen back when he did and collapsed the pocket by doing so and holds his point of attack against the run game which made him difficult to move out of the way. I thought he did very well when he was put on the field due to injuries and though I found it annoying they put Jerry back in once he was healthy enough to do so I found it understandable since this coaching staff hates playing rookies outside of 1st round picks. He was also a total steal in the back end of the 7th and he only fell due to a knee injury.

As for the other stuff, there are better players available who could start down the line in the mid rounds than the TEs and WRs with those round grades along with more pressing needs. I like Amos and Stoneburner deeper in the draft since Amos is a shifty playmaker who is underrated due to his college and Stoneburner is well rounded and can pluck the ball out of the air but wasn't productive due to Ohio State's schemes and generally bad passing QBs. I also don't make it a secret that I want them to take a NT very early but signs are pointing to them focusing on the secondary instead and getting a value type of NT later on, like Boyd. I also picked up DTs who are scheme versatile and can move around a 3-4 front for different scenarios, which is their MO in terms of players.

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