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Devon Taylor


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I see a poor mans Aldon Smith. He was overshadowed by Clowney. Can ply either DE spot but looks like he could be an ideal stand up 3-4 linebacker

6-6 266 4.71

36" arms


35" vert

4.3 shuttle

6.89 3cone

He bested Aldon Smith in all testing categories except the bench. He also has comparable numbers to the top DE/LBs in this draft. Will he be their with our third.

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That's a fair comparison. His physical attributes alone make him an interesting candidate.

Yeah, with his size combined with his athleticism, it seems he just needs to add a little strength & some coaching to become something special in terms of a speed rusher.
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I would give him more of a Manny Lawson grade before mentioning Aldon Smith.

The only guy that should be on the top of the radar is Malliciah Goodman. Beast of a man.

Malliciah Goodman? LULZ

Obviously a Clemson fan. Goodman was an absolute bust for Clemson. Waited until the last game of his career to do anything relevant. Only thing he's known for is his freakishly big hands.

Taylor will be an interesting pick for a team. He doesn't have near the athleticism and explosiveness of an Aldon, but he plays incredible assignment football, insanely athletic for his size, and is actually still very raw both physically and in the game of football. He'll be a lot like a Michael Smith. Will need time to develop into the NFL, but will be a good player once he does.

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